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WELCOME to my website and online gallery, please do enjoy exploring and viewing my paintings.

I am lucky enough to have lived in Singapore for the past 5 years. I am hugely influenced by the beautiful traditional and colonial style architecture of Singapore which I paint in transparent watercolour, gouache and ink as well as gold and silver leaf. All my landscapes begin by exploring this beautiful city, a series of plein air sketches and photographs followed by the final painting in my studio at home.

As well as one off portraiture work or other commission pieces, I am also influenced by my three beautiful children and have created a separate line of art works specifically for the nursery under the name, My Apple My Pear. Where a piece of Nursery Art is commissioned, this will always start with a conversation with the client as to their preferred colour scheme, size of the piece and bespoke details to add to a particular design. All Nursery paintings are oil and acrylic on stretched canvas.

If you would like, you may also follow me on Instagram @natashacartercloutart or Facebook.